Month November 2020


NCG Responds to Commission on the College of the Future – England

Liz Bromley, CEO of NCG:

“This week’s English College of the Future report highlights the vital need to put employers at the heart of the education system and ensure that skills training and qualifications truly reflect the changing needs of businesses.

“NCG colleges already work in close partnership with employers and local industry to shape our curriculum and offer innovative, relevant qualifications that align to their needs, make a strong economic impact and lead to real employment opportunities for our learners.

“The recommendations in this report ensure that this approach will remain at the centre of our strategy, putting enterprise, engagement and employability at the heart of our student experience.”

Chris Payne, Deputy CEO of NCG:

“We welcome the recommendation in the English College of the Future report to create employer hubs in colleges to focus leadership on higher technical qualifications. This recognises the great work in colleges to gain and deploy awarding powers to design courses with employers.”

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