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NCG Excellence Awards 2017

This month, we are launching the NEW NCG Excellence Awards 2017! The purpose of this year’s awards ceremony is to raise the profile of the fantastic work of all colleagues throughout NCG.

The 2017 Awards are an evolution of the previous Teaching & Learning Awards, which were hugely successful, with the inclusion of categories that any colleague can be nominated for. We have also taken the opportunity to include our Values as part of the award categories.

The full list of the categories we will be awarding this year is below:

  • Excellence in Advice & Guidance
  • Excellence in Enriching the Learning Experience
  • Excellence in Innovation or Technology
  • Excellence in Learner Support
  • Excellence in Unlocking Learner Potential 
  • Excellence in Internal Customer Experience 
  • Excellence in Values – Ownership
  • Excellence in Values – Open & Honest
  • Excellence in Values – Valuing Our People
  • Excellence in Teaching – Higher Education 
  • Excellence in Teaching – Further Education
  • Excellence in Work Based Learning 
The event will take place on Tuesday 27th June 2017 – keep an eye on our social media channels for the latest updates on the NCG Excellence Awards 2017.

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