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NCG Responds to Commission on the College of the Future

Liz Bromley, CEO of NCG commented on the report by the Commission on the College of the Future:

“This report could not come at a more critical and relevant moment. As the country prepares to greet a range of unprecedented challenges it is more obvious than ever that colleges – with their deep community links and range of partnerships – will be a cornerstone of future prosperity and mobility.

“In particular, we welcome the report’s badly needed focus on lifelong learning. As our society and economy are changed by COVID-19, digital transformation and an ageing population, new systems and ways of thinking will be desperately needed to support learning and re-training for people of all ages and at every stage of life. This is something NCG Colleges are already engaged in and we are grateful for the practical recommendations in the Commission’s extensive report”.

College of the Future UK Wide Final Report (English) from College of the Future