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Employee Engagement – Creating brand advocates

The good relationship between an organisation and its employees can be the key to a successful business.

At NCG, we strive for engaged employees who are passionate about their jobs and passionate about the company. We speak to our Director of Learning and Organisational Development, Elouise Leonard-Cross, to hear about how NCG are engaging colleagues, and the affect this has had on the business.

Why is Employee Engagement important?

“Within any organisation if you don’t have colleagues that are engaged it impacts on outcomes for customers and business performance. Engaged colleagues are more creative, more able to deal with challenges and tend to enjoy their time at work more – easy to see how all of these things make a big difference to customers!”

How are NCG engaging their employees?

“It’s a gradual process. As an organisation you can’t ‘click a switch’ and expect people to be engaged. It happens over a period of time but is fundamentally built on trust and respect. One approach to help us understand how engaged our colleagues are, and learn about how things can improve, is the Great Place to Work survey. As the survey is externally managed and anonymous it provides honest feedback that can be used to consider how we continually improve as an organisation.

“In 2017 we have introduced a new workshop for all our managers that have people management responsibility called The Art of Being Brilliant. This interactive workshop is built around how valuable great managers are to a successful organisation and offers tools that can be used positively with teams and individuals to support creativity and high performance.

“Recognising what we do well as a business and sharing this widely is also important. For that reason we have launched the NCG Excellence Awards in 2017, which builds upon the previous success of the Teaching & Learning Awards and extends the opportunity to colleagues in all types of roles. We had an overwhelming response this year with 567 nominations, and will celebrate with finalists at the awards dinner on the 27th June.”

How important is it for an organisation to have values?

“The most important thing for an organisation to have is a shared basis they build from. Organisational values are a great approach but only if they are shared, understood and underpin all activities, decisions and the way we work day to day.”

What advice would you give to a business wanting to engage their employees?

“It takes time! Starting small, being consistent with your values and listening to colleagues is important. I also believe that taking the opportunity to have some fun is critical too – we do so many positive things for our learners and it is important this happens for our colleagues too.”


About Elouise Leonard-Cross

Elouise Leonard-Cross is the Director of Learning and Organisational Development at NCG. She is an Occupational Psychologist who has worked in various fields over the last 15 years including HR, Recruitment, Teaching, Learning & Development & OD.

I love working in Learning & OD at NCG as I truly believe some of the things we can put in place can really make a positive difference for our colleagues. My most recent role was with Home Group, a housing charity, where I worked on a project for the last 5 years to build engagement.” ~ Elousie

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