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An Important Update on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at NCG

Today marks the anniversary of the death of George Floyd, an event that renewed the global movement for racial equality.

Soon after, and in response to the conversations happening around the world, we restated our commitment to ensuring that our students, our colleagues and all of our stakeholders across NCG and all of our colleges study and work in environments that embed the principles and practices of equality, diversity and inclusion. We made clear that we do not and will not tolerate racism or discrimination in any form.

NCG remains dedicated to our mission in pursuit of social mobility, in an inclusive and diverse learning community, and we know that great organisations really listen to stakeholders without defensiveness, or being distracted, or making excuses.

Over the past year, we have been revisiting our whole approach to EDI and our new strategy is almost complete. This new approach will help NCG and our communities move forward knowing that we are striving to be inclusive, respectful and tolerant in every area of our organisation.

In the past year we have undertaken the following:

• Commissioned a leading consultant group (EW Group) to review NCG’s existing formal EDI strategy and policy, with associated recommendations
• Formed a working group to help develop a new EDI Strategy with a series of deliverables aligned to our strategic themes and aims
• Consulted with focus groups of governors, colleagues and students on the emerging strategy and its likely impact
• Formally trained a number of senior leaders and nominated college EDI champions
• Paid close attention and responded to any achievement gaps in our learner outcomes
• Undertaken a review of colleague record system (iTrent) to help improve our understanding and response to colleague trends
• Recently completed a new colleague engagement survey to gain additional insight into perspectives around NCG

The new EDI Strategy will be published to colleagues in June 2021 and will contain a number of key actions that will help NCG progress toward its mission and vision, and help ensure we are all proud to be part of NCG.