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Who we are and what we do

NCG is proud to be one of the UK’s leading college groups, made up of seven colleges across the UK.

Our mission is to ‘enable social mobility and economic prosperity through exceptional education’ and we exist to create life-changing opportunities for individuals that strengthen the prosperity of their local communities.

Through ambitious teaching, innovative courses, and strong employee partnerships, our colleges and partners are creating the workforce of the future by enabling all people, regardless of their background, to develop the skills that our local communities need to be successful and sustained.

Executive Team

NCG’s Executive Team works together to ensure we succeed in our mission to enable social mobility and economic prosperity through exceptional education. It is made up of a Chief Executive’s Group and a wider Group Executive Board including College Principals, Directors and strategic leads.

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NCG is governed by a Corporation Board, which exists to help ensure the effective running of the organisation at all levels. It consists of independent governors that each bring their own skills and experience, along with representatives for NCG colleagues and students.

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Student life

Here at NCG and across all seven of our colleges, students are at the heart of everything we do and we aim to offer them a brilliant student experience during their time with us. We want our learners to gain the skills they need for a successful career, but we also want them to embrace their independence, find their voice and be part of their college community. You can find out more information about student enrichment, support and Student Union activity at each of our colleges here:

Request for information

We publish information under the Model Publication Scheme. To request information outside of this scheme or to request an alternative format, please contact the Clerk to the organisation.

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Organisational information, structures, locations and contacts

All documents are available for download via the links below. Please contact clerk@ncgrp.co.uk should any document be required in any other format.

*The Group sub-contracts delivery where appropriate to providers which meet our quality assurance requirements. The profile of these arrangements is rapidly changing in response to client needs.