Supply chain information

If you are a supplier to NCG, you can learn more about our supply chain policies and procedures here.

Why NCG subcontracts

NCG’s overall strategy for subcontracting has not changed, we will continue to subcontract to meet the Funders’, Employers’ and Learners’ requirements across all of our provision.  At the July 2023 Corporation meeting, the Governors reviewed and approved the NCG Subcontracting Strategy.

We will procure and work with Supply Chain Partners to deliver high quality provision on our behalf where there is clear curriculum intent and one of the following justifications is met:

  1. The activity enhances the opportunities available to young people and adults, particularly where this also supports the development of our own direct delivery.
  2. The activity fills gaps in niche or expert provision, or provides better access to training facilities where we cannot do this ourselves.
  3. Where we need to enable better access to learners in a wider geography than our colleges are able to support.
  4. The activity offers an entry point to education for disadvantaged groups, particularly those who may not wish to study on a college campus.
  5. The activity supports individuals who share protected characteristics, where there might otherwise be gaps, or it addresses an equality, or diversity issue in line with NCG Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (EDIB) policy.
Lewisham College 36

NCG’s expectations

NCG will follow its subcontracting procedures to procure, onboard and negotiate, manage and monitor, and exit subcontractors.

All subcontractors to NCG are required to comply with NCG’s Code of Conduct for Suppliers and Contractors and will be managed in accordance with our subcontracting procedures and their subcontract.