HE Regulatory Documents

In July 2016 NCG was awarded Taught Degree Awarding Powers (TDAP). This represents a major breakthrough for the sector and puts colleges on a similar footing to universities.

NCG is one of the leading providers of education, training and employability across the UK. NCG’s higher education provision is delivered at Newcastle College, West Lancashire College, Kidderminster College, Carlisle College and Southwark College offering a range of qualifications which include:

· Foundation Degrees
· Higher National Diploma/Certificates
· One year Top Up Honours Degrees
· 3 year Honours Degrees
· Post Graduate Certificates in Teaching
· Masters programmes

As a higher education student at one of the NCG colleges you will be studying on a programme awarded by NCG.

HE Registry manages TDAP academic governance structures and the assurance of academic quality and standards and data for NCG.


Office for Students

We’re now OfS Registered, which means we meet the Office for Students requirements for course quality, academic standards, student support, student protection and more. For more information see www.officeforstudents.org.uk/the-register.


NCG Access and Participation Plan 2020-2025

Previous Access and Participation Plans can be found at the Office For Students (OfS) website here

Our Access and Participation Plan sets out how we will improve equality of opportunity for underrepresented groups to access, succeed in and progress from higher education.
It includes:
• Our ambition for change
• What we plan to do to achieve that change
• The targets we have set
• The investment we will make to deliver the plan.

NCG Access and Participation Statement 2020-21

Access and Participation Plan Impact Report

NCG Fee Summary

HE Student Transfer Policy

All providers of Higher Education in England are required to publish student transfer arrangements in accordance with the Higher Education Research Act 2017 and Office for Students Regulatory Framework 2018. A student transfer is defined within Section 38 of the Higher Education and Research Act.

The purpose of this Policy is to set out the necessary institutional arrangements that enable a student to transfer in a manner that facilitates the continuation and quality of study for all students whenever a transfer occurs.

The Policy informs the College’s staff and students of the principles governing student transfer and ensures compliance with key regulations/policies within the

College including, Admissions, Assessment, Fees and Charges, Recognition of Prior Learning, Student Protection Plan and UKVI Tier 4 Compliance.

It is the College’s aim to ensure that students are able to continue on their current courses wherever possible.”


NCG HE Student Protection Plan

Our Student Protection plan sets out what students can expect to happen should a course, campus, or institution close. The purpose of the plan is to ensure that our students can continue and complete their studies, or can be compensated, if this is not possible.

All higher education providers registered with the Office for Students (OfS) must have a student protection plan in place.


Useful Links

Mitigation Site

Recognition of Prior Learning

Suspension of Studies Form

Transparency Data


Academic Regulations

NCG Academic Regulations – Section A

NCG Academic Regulations – Section B

NCG Academic Regulations – Section C

Mitigation Process Flowchart

Academic Misconduct Procedure and Process

TU Student Regulations


Student Appeal Documentation

NCG HE Academic Appeal Procedure

Student Guidance on HE Academic Appeal

HE Academic Appeal Flowchart

HE Academic Appeal Form