Terms and Conditions

Download NCG Terms & Conditions

All suppliers must endear to the standard NCG Terms & Conditions for the purchase of all Goods and/or Services. These Terms & Conditions shall be amended from time to time, and all changes made will come into force immediately – unless otherwise stated to the contrary. Our 22 separate Terms & Conditions cover everything from Supplier’s Warranties to Equal Opportunities. All suppliers must also adhere to the ‘NCG Code of Conduct for Suppliers and Contractors’ found below, which includes issues such as protection against Modern Slavery.


Download NCG Code of Conduct for Suppliers and Contractors

NCG values the people we engage with in our supply chain. In response, we have created this Code of Conduct to communicate clearly our minimum expectations for organisations providing services to us. The Code of Conduct covers:

  1. Enhancing and protecting the standing of the profession
  2. Maintaining the highest standard of integrity in all business relationships
  3. Promoting the eradication of unethical business practices
  4. Ensuring full compliance with laws and regulations including Health and Safety, Environmental Sustainability, Equality & Diversity and Modern Slavery.