16-19 Tuition Fund –  NCG


16-19 Tuition Fund (19-20)

16-19 Tuition Fund (21-22)


NCG receives a single allocation of Tuition Funding from the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) to support 16-19 year old students with specific ‘catch-up’ tuition identified during enrolment and subsequent induction.  The primary aim of the fund is to support small group catch-up in maths and English for those without a ‘good pass’, but it is also intended to support catch-up more widely across other subjects. 

Each of our colleges operates with a degree of autonomy to ensure that it is able to respond fully to its local environment and the specific range of local students, employers and stakeholders it serves.  As a result, our colleges have subtle differences in their approaches to the use of the 16-18 Tuition Fund.  This statement is therefore split into a generic statement that covers the common NCG approach with a set of annexes for each college’s individual plans.  That way we can ensure a degree of consistency whilst responding to specific local needs. 

NCG Use of the 16-19 Tuition Fund 

There are a number of principles behind how we will use the funding across NCG, which are set out below. 

  • Each young person will be fairly assessed on entry – both in terms of their GCSE grade achieved and through use of extended diagnostics and initial assessment tools. 
  • This will be considered alongside any assessment of other additional support that the student requires as part of their study with us.
  • A range of support methods will be used to ensure all students have the best chance of improving their grades, with as many achieving good English and maths passes as possible. 
  • A key support method will be, but not limited to, the provision of small group support over and above the normal taught class arrangements.
  • The nature of this support will be dependent on the student involved, their support needs and the local context of the college.