16-19 Tuition Fund 2020-21 NCG

NCG has received funding to support catch-up tuition to small groups of students who have been disrupted by the pandemic.

Students across NCG’s colleges will be offered a range of support which you can find in the 16-19 Tuition Fund Statement.

In summary we are supporting learners across the following categories.

GCSE and Functional Skills Students

Students who received Calculated Assessment Grades and were unsatisfied with their original grades will be supported to re-sit English and Maths GCSEs in the Autumn. Identified Functional Skills students who did not get the opportunity to sit exams in the summer of 2020 but require a ‘Pass’ to progress will also be supported.

Students will receive small and tailored face to face and synchronous intervention sessions focused on specific revision topics.


High Needs Students

A bespoke programme of small group support for SEND and High Needs Funded students will support lost learning. Support will be developed on specific need, 1-2-1 or additional group tuition.


Vocational Learning

Students who were disadvantaged during lockdown by the inability to access specific facilities and equipment will be supported to reduce the gap in their practical skills. Small group tuition will be provided to allow students to practice and consolidate their skills.

Access NCG’s Tuition Fund Statement