Supply Chain Information

Why NCG subcontracts

NCG’s overall strategy for subcontracting has not changed, we will continue to subcontract to meet the Funders’, Employers’ and Learners’ requirements across all of our provision, subject to Funders’ geographical boundaries and requirements.

That said, NCG’s need to subcontract training services [non-devolved provision and European Structural and Investments Fund (“ESIF”)] continues to reduce, year on year, and will continue to do so, in line with the Education and Skills Funding Agency’s (“ESFA”) strategy to reduce subcontracting activity by 31 July 2023.

When deciding to subcontract, we shall ensure that at least one of the following aims are met:

– enhance the opportunities available to learners;

– fill gaps in niche or expert provision, or provide better access to training facilities;

– support better geographical access for learners;

– to offer an entry point for disadvantaged groups and /or the impact on individuals who share protected characteristics.


Supply Chain Fees and Charges Policy and Current Planned Levels of Subcontracting

At the July 2020 Corporation meeting, the Governors reviewed and approved the Supply Chain Fees and Charges Policy along with the Planned Levels of Subcontracting for 2020-21.  Below are the current Planned Levels of Subcontracting for this financial year.

2020-21 ESFA
2021-21 ESIF
2020-21 Higher Education (“HE”)
2020-21 North of Tyne Combined Authority

There are no plans to subcontract provision funded by the Greater London Authority, West of England Combined Authority and West Midlands Combined Authority.

At each stage of the procurement process, we will outline the intended fees to be retained by NCG to demonstrate that these are reasonable and proportionate to teaching and learning to deliver high quality learning.

The average percentage of the funding retained by NCG is typically 20% (except whereby the Funder stipulates a maximum amount that can be retained, such as Prince’s Trust provision, whereby the maximum that can be retained is 15%).  Occasionally, we will retain more than 20%, to reflect, where teaching and learning is undertaken by one of our Colleges.


Interested in becoming a Subcontractor to NCG

If you are interested in working with NCG as a subcontractor, please apply to join our Delivery Partner Dynamic Purchasing System (“DPS”).

If you are not currently registered on the ProContract procurement portal, you will need to complete a simple registration process. There is NO charge for registering for an account on the ProContract portal.  Register by clicking here.

Once you have registered on the portal, you will be able register an interest in this opportunity and complete the DPS for Delivery Partners Questionnaire (“DPS response”).  To access the DPS please click on the following link: Delivery Partner Dynamic Purchasing System.

If you have any difficulty in accessing our DPS on the ProContract portal or require any further assistance with registering on the ProContract portal please contact the support team on 01670 597120 or email and quote the ProContract Opportunity ID reference DN391300

Only organisations that complete a DPS response and meet our minimum selection criteria shall be admitted on to the DPS, and shall be invited to submit responses to our Expressions of Interest or Mini-Competitions for specific services, as and when, these requirements are identified.

The DPS will remain open for applications until 18 June 2021.  Applications received will be batched in rounds.  You will be notified of the outcome of your application within 5 working days of the round closure.

Guide – Are you interested in becoming a pre-approved delivery partner?


NCG’s expectations

NCG will follow the Subcontract Management Framework and as amended by the Subcontract Management Framework Addendum to procure, onboard and negotiate, manage and monitor, and exit subcontractors.

All subcontractors to NCG are required to comply with NCG’s Code of Conduct for Suppliers and Contractors and will be managed in accordance with Section 3: Management and Monitoring of the Subcontract Management Framework and their subcontract.

An overview of the Subcontract Management Framework for subcontractors can be found here


Previous Years’ Actual Supply Chain Fees and Charges

Each year, we intend to publish our actual Fees and Charges for last academic year after the final return has been submitted and the Funder has published the required template.

2019-20, 2018-19, 2017-18 templates outstanding from Funder

2016-17 NCG, Carlisle College, Kidderminster College ,Lewisham Southwark College*, West Lancashire College

There were no Fees and Charges associated with delivery linked to Newcastle and Newcastle Sixth Form Colleges.

* Lewisham Southwark College has subsequently split in to two separate trading names.

2015-16 NCG, West Lancashire College, Kidderminster College

There were no Fees and Charges associated with delivery linked to Newcastle and Newcastle Sixth Form Colleges.

2014-15 NCG

2013-14 NCG

Note: data relating to Rathbone Training and The Intraining Group Limited has been removed from the website, due to them being placed into creditors’ voluntary liquidation.